Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system should supply all rooms in your house with adequate air. Problems will arise if something unbalances the air circulation. For example, the imbalance may lead to uneven heating and cooling or loss of heated or conditioned air. Below is an overview of air balancing to correct the problem.

Testing the HVAC

The contractor will test the HVAC system to diagnose the problem. Below are two specific tests to expect.

HVAC Output Capacity

The contractor should know your HVAC's output compared to your house's heating and cooling demands. Without this knowledge, you might blame the HVAC for unbalanced airflow while, in the real sense, the system cannot match your house's demands. The HVAC rating and your house's design, size, and location all matter in this analysis.

HVAC Airflow/Pressure

Next, the contractor will analyze the airflow and pressure in each room and compare them to the expected system's efficiency. Only after this can the contractor determine whether the system does not supply your home with the air it should.

Professional Air Balancing

Air balancing is necessary if different house parts do not receive the right amount of conditioned or heated air. Say the bedrooms receive disproportionately more air than the living room and kitchen. In such a case, the contractor may perform the following air-balancing tasks to correct the anomaly.

Air Filter Replacement

Return air passes through the filter before the HVAC heats or cools it again for your comfort. A clogged air filter restricts airflow, leaving some rooms with less air than they need. The contractor will replace the air filter if it is full of debris and replacement is overdue.

Duct Damage Repair

Supply ductwork channel fresh air to all parts of the house. Ductwork damages, such as cracks or disconnections, restrict airflow to some parts of the house. Animal activities plus wear and tear are some of the things that cause duct damage. Repairing the damaged sections can help balance your house's air.

System Modification

Your house can also suffer from air imbalance if the HVAC system's design and installation don't suit the house. If that is the case, the contractor will modify the HVAC for even air circulation. For example, the contractor may have to add or close some air registers, move the thermostat to a suitable location, and replace or reroute the duct channels.

Contact an HVAC repair contractor for help if you suspect air imbalance. Otherwise, you will pay high energy bills while suffering from inefficient heating and cooling.