Whether you have a cheap or expensive well pump doesn't matter because you'd want it to keep going for years to come. No homeowner wants to replace their residential well pump after a few years. Therefore, you'll have to devise a way to prolong your well pump's life. It's the only way to get value for your money. Without further ado, here is how you can extend your pump's life.

Install a Float Switch 

Connecting a float switch to your residential water well pump can make a huge difference. Remember that the float switch is meant to switch off and turn on your water well pump automatically. You wouldn't want your pump to keep running when the water level in your well has reduced. 

A float switch will shut down your well pump when the water drops beyond a certain level. As such, your pump won't run the risk of burning out the engine. For your information, engine burnouts are expensive to repair, and in some cases, you might have to replace the entire pump.

Invest in Routine Maintenance

As is the case with all machines, you'll need to have your well water pump serviced a few times annually. Water well pumps run for long hours and can wear out quickly. As such, you need to invite a plumber or pump expert to tune up your well pumps. Your well pump will always be efficient if you have it serviced often. Besides, the technician will not only tune the pump but will replace worn-out components. And by doing so, you'll be extending the life of your residential water pump.

Use Heat Shrink Tubing

Protecting the cord that runs from the residential water well pump to the power source is also vital. Remember that the cord is always exposed to weather elements. As such, the cord can fray and expose the wires. Doing so can increase the chances of the wires short-circuiting. Amazingly, heat shrink tubing offers strain relief, mechanical protection, electrical insulation, and environmental sealing. 

Clean the Cooling Fans

Your well pump's motor relies on fans to keep it cool. As such, you must ensure that the cooling fans work pretty well. If the fans fail to do their job, the motor will overheat and consequently damage the pump. To prevent such an incident, you should clean the cooling fans every few months. Your cooling fans may have cobwebs, dust, leaves, and other debris caught up in there.

Other tips to extend your well pump's life are:

  • Make repairs early
  • Upgrade the check valve
  • Install a torque arrestor