Have you been blowing all your savings on plumbing repairs? Maybe it's a sign you need a new plumbing system. While your plumbing system can last for years, it will eventually need replacing. Consider repiping your home if you notice the following signs. 

Constant Leaks

One or two leaks are pretty normal and easy to correct. However, things can take a massive turn if you notice plenty of leaks coming from your water pipes. You may not always see where the leaks are coming from, but you might notice wet spots on the walls, slab foundations, or ceilings. 

As long as you spot frequent leaks, it's a sign your pipes are worn, and they all need to be replaced. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with extensive water damage in your house.

Corroded Pipes

If your house uses a metal piping system, it will rust with time. The corrosion happens due to oxidation and the aging of pipes. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop corrosion once it sets in. Your only solution is to repipe the whole house or the affected pipes. Corroded pipes are notorious for leaking frequently. Besides, consuming water from such pipes can be dangerous for your health. 

Low Water Pressure

Bad pipes are known to cause low water pressure in residences. However, you need to ensure that faulty pipes are the main culprits. You can start by checking how many faucets or fixtures have been affected. If it's a widespread problem, then you have problematic water pipes. In most cases, your water lines might be clogged due to corrosion. If that's so, have your water pipes replaced to solve the low water pressure problem.

Noisy Pipes

Your home's plumbing shouldn't produce any noise unless it's the sound of water flowing. If you can hear gurgling, rattling, or knocking noises coming from your water pipes, it's time to have them checked. 

You might be dealing with water hammers or clogged pipes. Water hammers can be solved by installing a water hammer arrestor. If that doesn't cut it, you are dealing with clogged pipes, and the only solution is to replace them.

Discolored Water

Unless your water supply has a problem, always have clean water. Corroded pipes can distort your water—the rust will give the water a yellow or reddish color. You'll also notice the water has a distinct metallic taste and smell, indicating a problem with your plumbing.