Portable toilets may not be the most glamorous aspect of planning an event or construction project, but they are an important consideration that can greatly impact the comfort and convenience of your guests or workers. If you've never rented portable toilets before, you may be wondering what you need to know in order to make an informed decision. Here is a look at what you need to know about renting portable toilets.

Determine Your Needs 

Before you begin searching for a portable toilet rental company, you should first determine how many toilets you will need based on the number of guests or workers expected and how long the event or construction project will last. You may also need to consider the type of event or construction site — for example, a black-tie event may require different toilet options than a music festival.

Choose Your Type of Toilet 

Portable toilets come in a variety of types and sizes. Standard portable toilets are the most common option and feature a toilet seat, urinal, and toilet paper dispenser. However, if you need a more luxurious option, you may consider renting a VIP trailer toilet, which provides amenities such as running water, mirrors, and air conditioning. Another option is to rent specialized toilets, such as handicap-accessible units or baby-changing stations.

Consider Your Location 

The location of your event or construction site is an important consideration when renting portable toilets. If the site is not easily accessible, you may need to rent additional equipment, such as a crane or forklift, to transport the toilets to the site. You should also consider placing the toilets in an easily accessible but discreet location that is away from the main event or construction area.

Ask About Maintenance 

When renting portable toilets, you should ask the rental company about their maintenance schedule and procedures. You want to ensure that the toilets are regularly cleaned and restocked throughout your event or construction project. Some rental companies offer additional services, such as attendants on-site, to manage toilet maintenance and restocking.

Get an Accurate Quote 

When you've determined your needs, chosen your toilet type, and considered your location and maintenance requirements, it's time to get a quote from the rental company. Be sure to ask about additional costs, such as delivery fees and service charges. You'll want to make sure that the quote you receive is accurate and includes all necessary equipment and services.

Renting portable toilets may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By determining your needs, choosing the right type of toilet, considering your location, asking about maintenance, and getting an accurate quote, you can ensure that your event or construction project goes smoothly and that your guests or workers are comfortable and satisfied. Don't overlook this important aspect of planning — your guests' and workers' comfort and convenience are worth the effort.

For more info about portable toilet rentals, contact a local company.