Having a home generator is one of the best things you can do for your home. Whenever there is a power outage you will not need to worry about how your major appliances will function. You can continue as normal until power is restored. 

However, there are times when a generator will need to be serviced, and you need to spot the signs quickly so that your generator can keep functioning efficiently. Below you will find some of the major signs that your generator needs some attention.

Battery Problems

Every once in a while the battery in your generator will need to be replaced. Your manufacturer would have given you instructions about this. Go to their website, or find the user manual to get information. 

You can usually tell if your generator battery requires some attention because there is obvious corrosion. You can also use a voltmeter to see how much voltage it currently contains. If you notice an issue, call a professional to get your generator serviced as soon as possible. 

Starting Is Slow

Your generator should kick in automatically whenever there is a power outage. If your generator does not immediately kick in when needed, there may be something wrong with the generator initiation or a spark plug. There could be engine or battery problems lurking as well. Whatever the issue may be, you need help to deal with it.

Inconsistent Power Flow

If the power flow to your generator is inconsistent, then you will also have problems getting it to work properly. You should have consistent power all the time whenever you are using your generator. 

If you notice that there is an ebb and flow in how the power is being distributed, this can make it difficult to use, especially with appliances that require higher levels of energy. You need to get your generator serviced as quickly as you can.

Fluid Is Leaking

It's not hard to tell when fluid is leaking from a generator. If oil or coolant starts to leak from the unit, you will usually smell it. You will often see pooled water nearby, and it will be discolored. 

Once you notice this, inspect the fuel lines on your generator. You should also inspect the fuel lines as well to see if there are any cracks or punctures. You will probably see some. Once this happens, call in a professional to assist you.

Keeping your generator up and running is all about being observant and getting help when you need it. Once you do this, your generator should always be available to give you energy when necessary.

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