If you're helping to organize or plan an outdoor concert, one of your responsibilities may be to rent toilets for the event. Indeed, people who attend the concert will need a place to use the bathroom, and rental toilets are generally the most available option. Chances are, there are several toilet rental companies in your area who will be happy to work with you. Regardless of which company you hire, there are a few tips you'll want to follow throughout the process.

Rent separate handwashing stations.

Some portable toilets come with handwashing stations inside. But the thing is, these stations generally have water tanks, and the water can run out in certain toilets without any realizing it. You don't want an attendee to end up at a toilet where they cannot wash their hands. It is therefore a better option to rent separate handwashing stations that you can set up near the toilets. Most toilet rental companies also have these handwashing stations for rent. They are usually circular and have three or four wash stations situated around them.

Place the toilets in a few different areas.

Before you have the toilets delivered, decide where you want them. Assuming your concert is an ample size, you should place the toilets in at least two separate locations. This serves two purposes. First, people will not have to walk as far to find the toilets. Second, this arrangement prevents the crowd near the porta potties from getting overly large; people waiting for the bathroom will be divided between two areas. At a concert where people sometimes get rowdy, this is a smart move from a safety standpoint.

Go with all-gender bathrooms, if possible.

Have you ever waited in a porta potty line for a while, only to get closer and realize you were waiting in line for a bathroom that was designated for the wrong gender? It's frustrating, and it happens a lot at concerts where it is dark out and people are under the influence of alcohol. You will make things easier for most concert-goers if you rent toilets for all genders. Plus, this makes sure that those who identify outside of the gender binary feel comfortable and welcomed.

Organizing a concert is a lot of work. But if you follow the tips above, at least the porta potty rental aspect of the organization should go smoothly. Before long, you'll be singing along with your favorite tunes without any concerns about bathrooms.  

For more info about portable toilet rentals, contact a local company.