If you live in an old home, underneath the slab of your home are copper pipes that deliver water to your family. These copper pipes will eventually wear out due to various forces that slowly eat away at them. Then, you might start to develop a leak underneath your slab. It might be hard to know if your slab is leaking, but residential slab water detection services can help. 

Water pH

Your water might have a very high or very low pH. Water that has a low pH is considered to be acidic. Copper ions are able to rust in acidic environments. If your copper is rusting, you might notice that your water is blue or you might notice blue stains throughout your home. However, a very high pH can also cause corrosion. 

Other Factors That Cause Leaks

If your water has a lot of sand or grit, this can also cause hydraulic wear on the plumbing. Your water might also be moving through the pipes at a very high velocity because the water pressure is too high. All of these factors can cause one of your copper pipes to start leaking.

Don't Waste Water on a Slab Leak

A leaking slab can cause a lot of water to be wasted and can cause high water bills. In the past, you would need to have the slab torn apart so that a plumber could locate and fix the leaks. But newer technologies now exist that allow plumbers to detect leaks much more easily. 

How a Slab Leak Detection Service Finds the Leak

It's a bad idea to simply tear up your slab to fix a leak because the leak will often start in one location but your actual slab will leak at a different location. A residential slab leak detection service will use infrared to identify where the actual leak exists. The water leak will create differences in temperature and it will be easy to determine where the leak is located.

If they are not able to find the leak with infrared, an ultrasound device can be used on the entire slab to determine exactly where the leak is occurring. 

The Repair Process

After detecting the leak, the contractor must rip up the slab so they can access the pipe. They will make any necessary repairs so the pipe stops leaking. Then, they will restore the slab so your home is as good as new.

To learn more about residential slab water leak detection, reach out to a service provider near you.