The drains in your home can be easy to overlook. Many homeowners don't give their drains any thought until they become clogged and stop functioning properly.

Professional drain cleaning can be a beneficial service to add to your routine home maintenance checklist. Having a plumber clean all of your drains on a regular basis can prevent some serious plumbing issues in the future.

Here are three important reasons to invest in professional drain cleaning.

1. Avoid Structural Damage

A clogged drain can be more than an inconvenience. Clogged drains actually pose a threat to the structural stability of your home. Anytime a drain starts to clog, you run the risk of a backup.

These back-ups occur when the liquids that you send down the drain build up above the clog and start to spill back out into your tub or sink.

A backup can create a lot of water damage inside your home. Your flooring, baseboards, and drywall can all be damaged by a backed-up drain. If water isn't properly removed, the structural support beams in your floors can also sustain damage.

Routine drain cleaning will prevent these back-ups and preserve the integrity of your home.

2. Prevent Major Plumbing Problems

A clogged drain can compromise the efficiency of your plumbing system. The materials that build up inside your drains and cause clogs can actually damage your pipes over time. Exposure to these materials could result in pipe corrosion, which can cause your plumbing to start leaking.

Clogged drains can also increase the amount of pressure placed on your pipes. The more fluids that accumulate above the clog, the greater the internal pressure on the drain pipe. Eventually, this excess pressure could cause a pipe to burst.

Professional drain cleaning will prevent these major plumbing issues from affecting your home in the future.

3. Prevent Odors

No one wants to live in a home that has an unpleasant smell. Clogged drains can contribute to odors in the home.

Most drain clogs are caused by an accumulation of fats, oils, and organic materials that collect and harden inside your pipes. These materials steadily deteriorate, releasing gasses throughout the deterioration process.

The gasses then move back up the drain pipe and into your home. The result is a foul odor that can affect the comfort of your living space.

By investing in routine professional drain cleaning, you can keep your pipes clear of any materials that might cause odors in your home. To schedule drain cleaning, contact a plumbing contractor in your area.