You probably know that pouring grease and fats down the drains is not a good idea. Unfortunately, even when you are cautious about it, grease and oils still find their way into the drainage system when washing dishes. Over time, the deposits build up to block pipes. This can lead to slow drainage, smelly pipes, and standing water. This piece will highlight methods professionals use to clean drains clogged with grease and fats. 

1. Compressed Air Drain Gun  

The method works best if grease build up completely blocks water flow. One of the signs of a fully blocked drain pipe is a sink that won't drain. Professionals often like to inspect the condition of the clog before choosing a particular drain cleaning method. They drive some water down the pipe, so there's water between the tool's head and the clog itself. The tool works by pressing compressed gas into the drain and creating intense pressure to push the clog out of the drain line. The method is quite popular because does not damage the pipes and rarely makes a mess. 

2. High-Pressure Jetting 

Professionals often use water jet machines to clear stubborn grease and fat build-up. The machine often harnesses water and generates it into a high-pressure water flow, where it is directed into the affected drain line. The water dislodges the clogs and cuts them into tiny pieces while washing the pipe's walls. The method is efficient, quick, and inexpensive. Your plumber will inspect your pipes before deciding whether to use the hydro jet method. 

3. Drain Snaking 

Snaking tools are effective in eradicating numerous types of clogs. The tool is often inserted into the affected drains and rotated carefully until the blockage is broken down or pushed away and out of the pipe. Though this method seems simple, you should leave the task to professionals with relevant skills and experience. The wrong application of the snaking tool might lead to severe pipe perforations and high repair expenses. After removing the clogs, water might be flushed down the drains to sweep the debris away. 

4. Drain Auger 

Like a snaking tool, an auger is often driven into the pipe to break down grease. It is mostly recommended for bigger pipes like those found in commercial kitchens. The motorized drain auger slowly digs into the grease clog, breaking it down to create space for water to flow. The experts may also use it with a water jet machine to clean the pipe's walls. 

In most cases, grease and fats often harden and completely block the pipes. Therefore, home drain cleaning remedies rarely help unclog them. Therefore, you need professional drain services to remove the fats and grease and restore drainage. 

Contact a drain cleaning service to find out more.