Finding sewage coming out of your bathroom drain can be alarming. This is a place where you bathe — and seeing contaminated material there isn't great. The good news is that this is a common problem and one that plumbers are very capable of addressing. Keep reading to learn what causes these backups and what plumbers can do to help. 

What Causes Sewage to Come Up Your Bathtub Drain?

When sewage comes up through your bathtub drain, it is because there is a blockage somewhere in your sewer pipes. Wastewater and sewage hit the blockage, and they cannot move past the blockage. So, it instead comes back up the lowest drain. If it's coming through your tub drain, that's because the tub drain is the lowest drain in your sewage line.

How Do Plumbers Fix This Problem?

Plumbers typically follow three steps when confronted with a sewage-filled bathtub.

First, the plumber will send a camera down into the sewer line. This allows them to see exactly where the blockage is. Sometimes, the blockage may be in a line close to your actual bathroom. Other times, it may be further down the line, such as in your main drain line.

Once the plumber knows exactly where the blockage is located, they can clear it. The method they use to do this will depend on the location of the blockage. If the blockage is in a smaller line close to the tub, they may use a plumbing snake to physically remove the material. If the blockage is further down the line in a main sewage pipe, then the plumber may use a piece of equipment called a hydrojet to clear the clog. This instrument shoots a powerful stream of water that blasts the clog into pieces.

Finally, the plumber will clean up the sewage from the bathtub. They will often suck it up with a special type of vacuum cleaner. Then, they will use a sanitizing solution, like bleach, to kill any bacteria introduced to your tub by the sewage. Your tub should be safe to use again by the time they leave.

If you find sewage in your bathtub, do not just ignore this issue. Sewage backups of this kind are almost always caused by blockages in a sewage line, which should be addressed by a plumber. Call a plumber in your area, and make an appointment promptly. Don't use your tub in the meantime. 

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