Perhaps you rarely think about your home's sewer line. This is understandable as anyone would easily forget about a concealed underground system. Unfortunately, the drainage system is susceptible to problems, so it's important to be familiar with how it works and when it's time to call a plumber to repair or replace it. But before replacing your drainage pipes, consider the following factors.

Can You See Obvious Signs of Damage?

You can know that the wastewater drainpipe is broken if there are visible damage indicators. For instance, certain objects can destroy the pipe if flushed down the toilet. Long tree roots near wastewater drainpipes are an indication of impending trouble. However, the surest way to determine if your sewer line is damaged and needs repair is by getting in touch with an experienced sewer repair expert.

Has Your Wastewater Drainpipe Been Inspected?

Some damage requires a mere repair, while other damage calls for a replacement. But it can be difficult to determine if you need a repair or replacement since the system is underground. That is where a plumber comes in. They will insert a camera into the drain pipe to enable them to identify the breakage or blockage. The pro's diagnosis of the problems will enable you to know the best course of action. In case the damage is extensive, your plumber will advise you to replace the sewer line.

Are There Signs Your Wastewater Drainpipe Needs Replacing?

By paying close attention to your wastewater pipes, you can spot some early warning indicators that the lines need replacing. If there are drain backups, foul odors, foundation issues, or gurgling sounds, you need to contact your plumber as soon as possible. If you delay calling in an expert, you will likely end up replacing the drain lines.

Have You Considered Repair?

Complete wastewater pipe replacement isn't always necessary. So after your plumber inspects the system, ask them if it is possible to repair the issue. You may be surprised to discover that a simple trenchless repair can solve the problem. If the damage is not adverse, your plumber will attach an inflatable tube and use epoxy resin to repair the damaged section. 

Having leaks or backups in your sewer system doesn't necessarily call for a replacement. So instead of rushing to replace the drains, ask yourself the above questions. But most importantly, ask a plumber to help you make this all-important decision.