The drains in your home may be sensitive, and over time, you could end up with clogs from everyday things such as toilet paper or soap scum and hair. Your drains may clog from food buildup or grease and oils that have been put down your drains. Your drains may also clog due to roots in your drain as well, which can cause a breakdown of your sewer pipe over time. Clogs in the drain can eventually lead to a backup, which can create a big mess in your home. Cleaning your drains is important if you run into this problem. Read on for some tips about drain cleaning.

Use Boiling Water

Pour boiling water into your drains to help break up a clog in your drain. It can help loosen up things caught in the drain. Pour boiling water into the drain, around the edge to loosen anything around the drain pipe, and then rinse water down your drain to see if it removed the clog. You may have to repeat more than once to be sure the clog was removed.

Sprinkle Baking Soda And Vinegar

Sprinkle baking soda in your drain, then pour white vinegar into the drain around the edge of the drain. Cover the opening of the drain with a dish towel. The vinegar and baking soda mixture creates a reaction and will begin to bubble. It can help loosen clogs in the drain. Rinse the drain with hot water and repeat if necessary.

Use A Plastic Snake Or A Rotating Snake

For clogs caused by hair, food, or even toilet paper, you can use a snake in the drain. A store-bought plastic snake can be used to clear out these clogs. Insert the snake into the drain and move it around in the drain. Remove the snake and pull out the clog with it. Repeat if needed. Snake the drain using a rotating snake to remove clogs that may be further in your drain line, such as from tree roots.

Pour Drain Cleaner Into The Drain

Pour a drain cleaner into the drain to loosen clogs in the drains. The drain cleaner works to remove the clog. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the drain cleaner. You may need to use a snake in addition to the drain cleaning liquid to remove stubborn clogs.

If you have problems with clogs in your drains, you should know how to clean them out. Hire a professional drain cleaning company to help you remove clogs and clean out your drains.