The sewer line for your home's plumbing is a critical component. While these lines are buried to help protect them from damage, there are still issues and problems that will require a sewer line repair contractor to address for the homeowner.

Sewer Line Clogs

Clogs in the sewer line are one of the more common issues that can impact this part of the plumbing. In addition to the risk of putting large objects down the drains or toilets, there is also a risk of the line becoming constricted due to years of minerals, residues, and wastes accumulating along the interior line. Removing the clogs can be a serious challenge as they are likely to be located deep within the sewer line. A sewer line repair provider will have tools that may be able to reach these clogs so that they can be dislodged. They may also remove the interior waste or accumulations that are contributing to these issues.

Root Intrusions Into The Sewer Line

Roots growing into the sewer line is a common problem that can have major impacts on your plumbing system. When these roots are able to grow into the sewer line, they can create an obstruction that may cause your entire plumbing to back up. Furthermore, these intrusions can also allow wastewater to seep out into the surrounding yard. If this is occurring with your sewer line, repairing it will require excavating near the location of the root intrusion so that the roots can be removed or cut away from the sewer line. Once this is complete, the damage to the sewer line can be better assessed to determine whether patching it will be a viable repair option.

Leaks Due To Degrading Pipes

Over the course of the years, your sewer line will start to degrade. Eventually, this can result in the sewer line developing leaks. Once this deterioration has reached this point, replacing the sewer line may be the only viable repair solution. Luckily, this does not mean that much of your yard will have to be dug up by the contractors. Rather, trenchless sewer line replacement options can allow a homeowner to have a new sewer line installed with minimal digging needed. This is accomplished through the use of machines that can physically insert the new sewer line through the existing line. As this work progresses, the previous line will break to make room for the new sewer line. In addition to requiring minimal digging, this is also a fairly rapid replacement option for this critical piece of your plumbing system.

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