Looking for some ideas to remodel your bathroom? These major upgrades can make it feel like the remodeling job is worth it. 

Dual Shower Heads

Do you have a fairly large shower in your bathroom? It may be worth exploring the idea of installing multiple showerheads. It can really turn your regular shower into a more premium experience since you can have jets of water shooting at you from multiple angles. You may like the idea of having water spray on you from both sides of the shower or having a rainfall shower from the ceiling. No matter what direction you go, the additional showerheads will feel like a huge improvement. 

Steam Shower

You can also transform your shower by turning it into a steam shower. This will require that the shower stall is completely sealed from the floor to the ceiling so that it can trap the steam inside the shower. It can be a great way to deal with issues related to stiffness and joint pain or simply improve circulation in your body. 

Whirlpool Bathtub

Do you only have one bathroom in your house and need to keep the bathtub? If so, you should consider a whirlpool bathtub to put in its place. This can make baths feel like going to a spa, with jets that can make soaking in the water feel like a relaxing experience. 

You'll definitely need to consider if you have the room for a whirlpool bathtub since they are larger than a normal bathtub. The jets are also going to require more maintenance over time than a regular bathtub.

Dual Sinks

Do you have a wide vanity that only has one sink in it? A dual sink setup can be very beneficial if you are getting ready in the bathroom at the same time as other people. This means that you no longer have to share the sink with your spouse, which causes fewer arguments about who needs to use the sink first in the morning. 

Toilet Upgrades

It's possible to upgrade your toilet to one that has more features than what you currently have. A popular feature these days is to have different types of flushes on the toilet, which can limit water use when there is not a lot of waste to flush down the drain. You can also upgrade to a bidet-style toilet, which is going to help ensure that you get extra clean when you go to the bathroom. 

Reach out to a plumber if you need help doing any of these upgrades during your bathroom remodeling project