Do you plan to have a big renovation done on your home? Whether it's a home addition, opening up your layout, or expanding one or more rooms, this remodel will undoubtedly improve your home's comfort and value. But should you renovate your HVAC system at the same time? The answer may be yes, and here are a few reasons why.

1. If There's More Space

A home addition, a new second story, or even the enclosure of an outdoor room all add more square footage to your house. This additional space needs to be properly heated and cooled, and the current system may not be up to the task. Trying to do more with the same units results in uneven temperatures, less energy efficiency, and units that wear out sooner. 

2. If the Layout Changed

Perhaps you aren't adding space but simply restructuring the rooms inside. This is one of the most common renovations, and it may or may not call for changes to the HVAC system.

Very often, you must change ducts and vents as walls are moved, added, or removed entirely. But does the air conditioner or heater now have to work harder to cool and heat one large space instead of three smaller, more manageable ones? Your units might not be the most appropriate any more. 

3. If the HVAC Is Aged

Consider the age and condition of the various parts of your HVAC system at this time. If the furnace, air conditioner, wiring, or ductwork is getting old, this could be an excellent time to replace or upgrade it. After all, you already have the construction work in place and contractors hired. You may be able to bundle costs and reduce downtime. But updated HVAC improves the home value — a key goal of most renovations. 

4. If Room Uses Change

Finally, analyze how the remodel alters the way rooms are used. For instance, did you renovate the basement into a home theater? Maybe you're retired and turned your office into a home gym. Or you might have enlarged a bathroom to serve multiple bedrooms instead of one.

In all these cases, some rooms might need more climate control or less. You might want to move air flow differently to reduce moisture or redirect odors. And rooms that will house more people could get stuffier sooner. Address these types of changes with adaptation to your HVAC setup.

Where to Start

Want to know more about tying in HVAC changes with a home renovation? Start by meeting with an HVAC specialist in your area today to find the answers you need to keep your home comfortable and prepared for its future. Look into HVAC services near you.