While the health of your entire septic system is critical to ensure the efficient management of domestic wastewater, the condition of the septic tank is particularly critical because that's where all the wastewater flows before it's broken down and separated into different layers for effective treatment.

Since the entire tank is buried outside in the yard, it can be difficult for you to identify problems until the tell-tale signs of trouble become obvious. To avoid potentially expensive repairs, take corrective action immediately.

Below are some potential septic tank trouble signs to watch out for.

Issues With Your Residential Drains

One of the easiest ways to know your septic tank may need repair is if you notice you have clogged drains. A drain clog can show itself in many ways but the most common warning signs to look for include slow drains, gurgling drains, and sewer odor inside the house.

If the issue affects one or a few drains only, it's likely that you require drain unblocking services. If all drains throughout your house are exhibiting the signs of a clogging problem, then you should consider getting a septic tank repair.

If there's a problem with your tank, the wastewater entering it may not be discharged into the drain field at an efficient rate. When this happens, the main sewer drain pipe that carries wastewater and sewage from your home will back up, rendering your wastewater drainage system out of service. 

If the plumbing drains throughout your house aren't working properly, it's best to schedule a sewer tank inspection and repair. 

Visible Puddles In The Yard

If you can see wet patches in your yard or some sections of the grass looks greener than the rest of the grass, this is an indication that your septic tank may be damaged and is allowing some wastewater to escape. 

If you suspect your tank is leaky, you should have it checked and fixed immediately. If the problem is due to an aging septic tank, it might be time to replace the entire onsite wastewater disposal system.

If you rely on a septic system to dispose of and treat the wastewater exiting your home, you can't afford to let any problems go unnoticed and unchecked. If left unresolved, even the slightest problems can exacerbate over time and require major repairs down the road. To schedule a septic tank repair service for your home, contact your local plumber.

For more information on septic tank repair, contact a professional near you.