Many people are hesitant to immediately call a plumber even if there is some sort of clear problem with their water heater. With how much some services like a car tune-up or your health insurance cost, it can be easy to assume you would face a similar bill for water heater repair, but that is usually not the case. Often, when there is a problem with a hot water heater, it is with a fairly minor component that is easy to replace. People have these problems every day, and most of them get solved for a couple of hundred bucks or less. Here are a few common problems that will need a hot water repair contractor eventually. 

Brown/Yellow Water

If your water is obviously contaminated and there has been no notice from your local council that there are issues with other homes in the area, then there is a good chance your water heater has grown some fungus or bacteria. The first thing you need to do is stop all use of this water unless you want to get sick. A plumber will be able to eradicate the growth, whether it be mold or fungus, and then flush the system a few times to make sure it is all clear before letting you use it again. 

Not Enough Hot Water

If you are running out of hot water earlier than usual, the first thing you should question is whether or not more people have been using the hot water than you realize. Often, people think they are running out of hot water only to discover that guests have stayed over or something like that. If the problem is not related to that, call a water heater repair contractor. It can be an issue with the thermostat or something more serious involving the heating element. Still, these parts are quite cheap and easy to source.

Bill Is Far Higher Than What It Was

If your heating bill is a lot bigger than what you expected there could be some kind of leak or inefficient transfer of power happening in your water heater. There is no quick, one-size-fits-all solution for this problem and it will need a full diagnostic test to see where the issue is originating from. Whenever you are uncertain about the source of wasted power you will need to call for a professional to investigate so you don't end up wasting all your time looking in the wrong place.